Tourism: Spanish government evokes a summer without foreign tourists

Several sources of the Spanish executive claim to study the prevention of the arrival of foreign tourists.

The government is already working on a plan for a summer without foreign tourism, the borders being closed with this in mind, according to ABC Spain.

But also with measures to restrict national mobility, the use of masks in public transport and the maintenance of the distances recommended by the health authorities

The closing of the borders is envisaged.

Bidirectional measurement, for both inputs and outputs. In other words, the government is considering this solution: no one will leave the national territory, unless a specific health certificate recommends it.

This measure would, of course, be subject to this exception and other exceptions, since they have been considered in each phase change decreed by the government.

In the global scenario, the measure having the greatest impact on the national economy would obviously be that linked to tourism: the closing of borders. The latter would mean that the powerful flow of international tourism would not be taken into account, replaced by regional and national tourism.