Suspension of festivities in Sant Jordi and Sant Francesc

The municipal council of Sant Josep announced yesterday the suspension of the programs of festivities in the cities of Sant Jordi and Sant Francesc because of the extension decreed by the government for the state of emergency.

As happened with those of Sant Josep, the Ministry of Culture and Festivals is working to relocate the activities which can be postponed so that they continue when the state of emergency is lifted, according to A press release.

In addition, since the Consistory, they ensure that they are working to obtain citizen collaboration for, as has been done at previous festivals in the municipality, celebrating certain activities taking advantage of new technologies, with virtual parties.

All the protagonists of the meeting aimed to take care of the most vulnerable groups and asked questions about measures such as the home delivery service provided by the Civil Protection.

Everyone agreed on the need to go “all together” at this point.