Spain and the Balearics: return to “normal” life ?

After confinement, deconfinement …

The Balearic government is actively working with Germany to reopen air routes as soon as possible, which allow an influx of tourists to the archipelago. The country is a major player in tourist life in Ibiza.

The focus is of course on safety, with maximum health guarantees. “We must be able to restore activity before everyone else, because we depend on tourism more than any other territory,” said the president of the regional government.

Ibiza and its authorities are currently doing everything to save the coming season.

In Formentera, life has already started up a bit!

Although Spain is gradually emerging from radical confinement, islands like Formentera are already in phase one, with the possibility of transit and less restrictions for its inhabitants.

But this does not mask the dry losses of a season that should already have started: the two islands are experiencing the start of what could be one of the worst seasons of recent years, the reserves being practically zero and tourism representing 90 % of Balearic financial income.