It is a real historical treasure that can be found at Puig de Molins.

This hill contains the oldest necropolis of the Phoenician period. This vast grave was used at the time as a tomb to store the dead. A necropolis that stands out from the ordinary by its size and the quality of its conservation. And yet this burial is very old. The first bodies were buried there in the 7th century BC. A tradition that continued hundreds of years later, until Roman times. 3,000 graves have been discovered.

With, for example, descriptions of the burial techniques used at the time. Immerse yourself in the past, discovering Phoenician, Punic and Roman cultures. You will also discover traditional objects such as necklaces, amulets and tools found in the funeral chambers. A most enriching cultural break during your stay on the island.

Such a vestige must naturally be preserved and that is why the necropolis is classified as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

If you wish you can enter the interior where visits are organized. Then  you will be immersed in these stone corridors until you reach a burial chamber where stone coffins are kept. Furthermore, to learn more about the site you can pay a visit to the museum. And from there you will find additional documentation on  necropolis origin.

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