Ibiza Council approves decree of urgent economic measures

The Ibiza Council approved this Friday a decree of urgent economic and fiscal measures to help families, businesses and the self-employed.

The president of the island institution, Vicent Marí, explained that at that time, “it is vital for all families to have cash” and that, consequently, these measures were approved to pay the schools, the Residencia de Cas Serres hospital service or prices for various activities.

Marí said that the “Consell will work so that no one is left behind” and explained that once the state of alert has ended, work will be done to modify the orders so that families can save for the future .

As long as the alarm state lasts, the Consell will suspend the accumulation of the taxable event rates such as that required for the services provided by the social protection service for stays in hospital and care centers Health Center. It also suspends the fee for the provision of general services in agriculture, fishing or hunting, and for issuing the artisan’s letter, among others.

It also cancels the fee for road transport authorizations and auxiliary and complementary activities or for the issue of cards for the use of the control mechanism in the road transport sector.

The application of the cancellation of these tariffs during the 15 days foreseen of the alarm will suppose a saving with the citizenship of approximately 100 000 euros.

The launching of voluntary recovery procedures, the publication of notifications concerning revenues under public law and the approval of standards and collection lists of rates and public prices with monthly frequency and capital embargoes for debts with the Consell are also hanging