Hotel: ibicencos hotels dream of an opening in June/July

The information follows each other but does not look the same

According to El Periodico de Ibiza, the hotels are already working on preparing to open their establishments with the aim and “hope” of being able to start operating in early June or early July. This is a scenario described by professionals as “positive”, given the spread of the virus in Spain.

Also dependent on airlines

Juanjo Riera, vice president of the Pitiusa hotel association, said the two possible scenarios in June and early July “are the hope we have right now, these are the two closest scenarios we are working with.”

A return of flights quickly?

It is precisely from mid-June that airlines and wholesalers such as Jet2, TUI, Ryanair or Easy Jet should resume their activities with Ibiza, although there is uncertainty as to how the containment will be nationwide fundraising and issue markets and when it will be done. “We are totally dependent on aerial connectivity”.

Only the future will tell us…